Waller, Todd & Sadler Architects has worked on numerous Recreational Projects.  Along with the projects that are published, here is a list of other recreational projects that we, as a firm, have worked on over the years:

♦ Williams Farm Recreation Center, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Langley Fitness & Sports Center, Langley Air Force Base, Hampton, VA
♦ Princess Anne Country Club Fitness Center, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Kempsville & Bayside Recreation Centers Cardio Rooms, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Bow Creek Community Recreation Center Locker Room Renovation, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Kempsville & Bow Creek Recreation Centers Feasibility Studies, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Kempsville Recreation Center Pool Mixing Tank Structural Evaluation, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Kempsville Recreation Center Natatorium Renovations & HVAC Replacement, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Kempsville Recreation Center Holding Tank Repair, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Kempsville, Seatack & Bayside Recreation Centers Pool Lining Replacement, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Virginia Beach Recreation Center Pool Audit, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Prototype Community Recreation Center Study, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Bayville Park Restroom Fire Restoration, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Bow Creek Recreational Center New Roof, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Great Neck & Bayside Recreation Centers Atrium Space Frame Renovations, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Seatack Recreation Center Masonry Crack Study, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Great Neck, Bayside and Princess Anne Recreation Centers Lobby Modifications, Virginia Beach, VA
♦ Kempsville, Seatack, Great Neck, Bayside & Princess Anne Recreation Centers ADA Lifts, Virginia Beach, VA


Williams Farm Recreation Center

Langley Fitness & Sports Center

Great Neck Middle School Gymnasium

Princess Anne Country Club Fitness Area/Locker Room/Breakers Lounge

Cox High School Stadium Lights

Cox High School Stadium Bleachers

Green Run High School Stadium Lights

Landstown High School Tennis Courts Replacement