• May 9, 2017

Waller, Todd & Sadler Takes On Canstruction

Waller, Todd & Sadler participated for the first time ever in Canstruction, a design/build competition organized to raise food and build imaginative, artistic, visual structures, that took place during AIA Hampton Roads Architectural Week. The slogan for our structure was “A Global Force for Food”. We used a total of 5,671 cans to construct our structure.

Since Hampton Roads is home to the world’s largest naval base, “A Global Force for Food” pays tribute to the selfless dedication and service of our Navy.  The compass at the base of the structure represented the vast locations around the world that the U.S. Navy reaches.  The “Dixie Cup” hat on the top reflects the iconic sailor uniform, and the spinach can upon which the hat sits, is a throwback to one of the most recognizable cartoon sailors, Popeye, The Sailor Man.

Check out photos, below, of our finished product!