Adam Thoroughgood House Rehabilitation

Client: City of Virginia Beach
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Adam Thoroughgood House was rehabilitated in accordance with federal standards for historic preservation. The house, which was acquired by the City of Virginia Beach in 2003, is a nationally registered historic property and a seminal example of early colonial architecture in The United States. Waller, Todd and Sadler provided the historically sensitive maintenance and repairs to this invaluable educational asset, while following all federal standards. The work at the House consisted of mitigating moisture infiltration and replacing entrances and masonry that had experienced damage. Drainage around the foundation of the building was addressed in aesthetically and historically conscious ways, through both an underground preventative membrane and a French drain. It was also necessary to install and update modern systems, such as lighting, fire protection and security, to ensure its continued use as a house museum. All materials and design features were chosen with the guidance of an in-house architectural historian, and executed by the firm’s experienced historic architect.

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Adam Thoroughgood House Visitor Center

Adam Thoroughgood House Visitor Center