Virginia Beach Planning Commission Recognizes Great Neck Middle School

0511 Great Neck Middle School 43Waller, Todd and Sadler received the 2012 Honor Award for Sustainable Development by the Virginia Beach Planning Commission for the design of Great Neck Middle School in recognition of creative and innovated design solutions in Sustainable Development.  The sustainable features employed in this school reflect a long-term commitment on the part of Virginia Beach City Public Schools to provide the community with a forward-looking facility which serves as a focal point of education and community use, while preserving the City’s natural resources.  The school opened in December of 2011 and is currently awaiting LEED Gold certification.

Sustainable design practices are visible throughout Great Neck Middle School.  These features include renewable/recycled materials, local materials, rainwater harvesting for water closet flushing and irrigation, solar hot water system, reflective roof materials, green roof, syphonic roof drainage, biogardens, permeable pavements, heat island reducing pavements, high-efficiency mechanical systems, daylighting, occupancy sensors for lighting, LED exterior lighting and shielded exterior lights to reduce light pollution.  All these green building features are integrated into a school wide software data system accessed by two touchscreen kiosks in the corridors and distributed the network to classrooms and displayed on the smartboards. This information is utilized as a tool for learning and to measure current and future performance of the building.



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